Eavestrough & Gutters Frequently Asked Questions
Why is an ice dam?

Ice dams form when snow or ice melt on a roof over a heated or partially heated attic space. The melting water that results may re-freeze over an unheated area such as a roof overhang. This re- frozen water can create a blockage or dam, forcing additional melt water to back up under shingles or re-freeze on colder surfaces like overhangs, gutters and gutter covers, causing leaks or icicles.

What is a Leafguard gutter?

LeafGuard gutters are a unique one-piece hood design utilizes the principle of molecular attraction which causes rainwater to cling to the gutter hood and fall into the gutter trough. The narrow opening between the hood and bottom keeps debris out but letting the water in.

How much will new Leafguard gutters cost?

LeafGuard Gutters are extremely affordable and are a valuable investment in the safety of your home. Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate.

My eavestrough is leaking, can't I fix it myself?

Although it is  possible to repair some leaks yourself, we recommend having a professional inspect it to ensure that you are attempting to solve the correct problem. Contact us today.

How can I avoid climbing on my roof and cleaning my gutters or eaves trough??

Installing a patented LeafGuard Eaves Trough Gutter System is the best answer. This system comes with a unique hood that alows water to enter, but deflects debris from entering the gutter. Therefore making it possible for you to never have to step foot on the roof for your gutters again.

What makes LeafGuard Superior to other gutters and eaves trough?

LeafGurad is seamless with the LeafGuard hood included as one piece. LeafGuard is 20% thicker than regular gutters and made from aluminum making a stronger system that will not rust or deteriorate.

What is Englert LeafGuard constructed of?

Englert LeafGuard is a seamless, one-piece aluminum gutter. It will never rust or deteriorate like some galvanized steel gutters.

Will a LeafGuard gutter handle a heavy rain or downpour?

In a simulated laboratory test, LeafGuard Brand gutters were able to handle 32 inches of rain per hour - over three times the heavest rainfall ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau. It will catch rainwater; but will NEVER clog.

How do I get more information on Englert LeafGuard in Toronto and Surrounding area?

For more information on how to get LeafGuard Brand gutter systems, or any of your guttering needs, call 1-888-909-1665 or email us at info@guttersandgaragedoors.ca

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